The Carroll County Child Advocacy Center exists to champion the needs of sexually, physically, and emotionally abused children in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties through prevention, intervention and collaboration.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.” – Dr. Seuss

Why We Help

The average lifetime cost per victim of sexual abuse is $210,012.

Source: Fang, et al., 2012 Institute of Justice, 1996

The US spends $124 billion annually for the costs of child sexual abuse.

Source: Fang, et al., 2012 Institute of Justice, 1996

45% of pregnant teens report a history of child sexual abuse.

Source: Noll, J.G. et al., 2009

Sexually abused young girls are 3x more likely to develop psychiatric disorders and/or substance abuse problems.

Source: Day, A. et al., 2003 Institute of Justice, 1996

Sexually abused males are 70% more likely to seek psychological treatment for issues such as substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide.

Walrath, C., Ybarra, M., Holden, W., Liao, Q., Santiago, R., & Leaf, R. (2003).

More than 90% of children who are commercially sexually exploited have been sexually abused in the past.

Wolak, J., Finkelhor, D., Mitchell, K., Ybarra, M. (2008)

Except for murder, child sexual abuse is the most expensive victim crime in the U.S.

Dr. lori Leachman, Professor of Economics – Duke University

It only costs $12 to train an adult to improve their child-protective behaviors.

Dr. lori Leachman, Professor of Economics – Duke University

Our Team

Bethany Dahl

Executive Director

Caitlin Wiggins

Lead Forensic Interviewer / MDT Coordinator

Hannah Etheridge

Lead Family Advocate

Jaslyn Dortch

Forensic Interviewer / Family Advocate

Allison Robinson

Prevention Coordinator

Board of Directors

Meghan Sullivan – Chair
Community Member

Scott Broome – Vice-Chair
The Barnes Store – Owner

Vincent Dortch – Treasurer
Antioch Baptist Church, Clem – Pastor

Vicki Anderson – Secretary
Carroll County District 2 Commissioner

Karen Stone Middlebrooks
Systems and Methods, Inc. (SMI) – Chief Administrative Officer

Joel Richards
Carrollton Police Department – Chief

Charles (Chick) Griffin
Carrollton Housing Authority – Director

Dr. Allison Key
3:16 Healthcare – Owner

Ben Pitts
Director, Risk Management and Legal Affairs Tanner Health System

Elizabeth (Libby) Smith
Carroll County Department of Family and Children Services – Director

Mary Alice Cochran
Community Member

Xavier Whitaker
Associate Vice President for Student Life
Dean of Students University of West Georgia

Jill Hesterlee
Community Member
Certified Facilitator of Darkness to Light’s Curriculum

Shaye Ray
Community Member

Craig Worland
Community Member

Montrell McClendon
Assistant Principle for Carrollton Elementary School

Peter Maierhofer
Director of Carrollton Parks & Recreation

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