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"Someone told me I was strong. I was a child.
I didn't want to feel strong.
I wanted to feel safe."

Welcome to Carroll County Child Advocacy Center!

We are a private 501(c)3 organization working alongside federal, state, and local agencies in response to child abuse investigations. We strive to make our center a comfortable space for kids to receive appropriate services. Our staff works diligently to reduce further trauma while providing quality care.

We're here for you and the child you care for.

We help provide hope and direction for children
in Carroll, Haralson, & Heard Counties.

You can too!

Image by Dev Asangbam
Image by Dev Asangbam

More than


More than 90%

of sexually

abused children



Boy in Doorway
Boy in Doorway


1 in 10

About 1 in 10

children are

sexually abused


TURN 18.

Taking Notes_edited.jpg
Taking Notes_edited.jpg


an Adult

It only costs $12

to train an adult

to improve their




YES, there is hope! Educating our community about the complexities of abuse will help children get help sooner. To that end, we will speak to and/or train your group. And of course, if you can donate so that we can help children without financial means, we always appreciate that. 

Welcome to our Blog!
Read about the children we've helped overcome trauma. Read about the facts of child abuse on a local level and how YOU can be part of the solution!

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Kindness is Cool!

Help us spread the word that it's cool to be kind. Buy your shirt today, wear it throughout the year and have conversations with others about the importance of kindness and how one act of kindness can change the world around you.

Child abuse is 100% preventable and being kind is free.

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